Oh No, your pet got Skunked! NOW WHAT?

FIRST THINGS FIRST: DON’T let a skunked animal in your home before you remove the skunk oils!

Stay away from these critters!

Skunk spray is an oily substance that is almost impossible to remove from furniture or rugs and the first instinct a dog or cat has is to try to rub the substance off its own coat onto something else. Do not let an animal in until you have removed the oily substance. The smell may linger, but if the oil is gone, it won’t transfer as easily to your home furnishings!


While the old remedy is tomato juice, there are much more efficient ways of dealing with skunk oil.

A formula of:

  • one quart hydrogen peroxide (use a fresh bottle, hydrogen peroxide degrades over time)
  • 1/4 cup baking soda and
  • one teaspoon liquid soap

seems to work. If you don’t have these ingredients immediately at hand, at least use a lemon dish detergent to cut the oils.

We have a product, “Skunk Off” which we have found to be as good as any in helping to remove the residual odor, but whenever it rains for several months, you’re going to smell that odor to some extent on any wet fur that got a “direct hit.”

While we love all our animal patients, when they get skunked, we’re happy they belong to you! We will not groom or bathe an animal who has been recently skunked at least until you have eliminated the “fresh” oil from the coat. (Dr. Barningham brought his own dogs in one night and the hospital smelled for at least two weeks! Now he’s not even allowed to bathe his skunked dogs in the hospital. Phew!)

We hope you never have to experience a skunking!

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